IoT Platforms

Device Gateway SA has a recognized expertise in integrating and leveraging on various IoT platforms, such as:



UDG is a certified FIWARE IoT Ready solution.
UDG is a reference solution for Open and Agile Smart Cities Alliance (OASC) solution and lead integrator in the European large scale pilot on IoT for smart cities (Synchronicity).
EIP-SCC Device Gateway is a member of the core group in charge of developing the Urban Platform of the European Innovation Partnership on smart cities and communities (EIP-SCC).
UDG is fully compliant with Open-IoT architecture and framework.
EPC Information system UDG can be easily integrated with EPC Information Systems in supply chain applications.
Device Gateway is a partner of Linear and Dust Network.
UDG is integrated with Google Docs and can for instance automatically export selected data to Google spreadsheets or adapt the indoor temperature according to events planned in Google Calendar.
UDG is integrated with Wattics energy signature system, enabling a cost efficient monitoring and data analytics of energy consumption in your premises.
UDG is integrated with Zendesk to handle and follow up with end-user requests and maintenance problems.
UDG is fully compliant with OSGI modules and extensions.
UDG has a direct integration with Node-RED, enabling a user friendly design and management of rules and logics in IoT deployments.

UDG also enables the integration with EPC Information Systems and with all sorts of Software as a Service (SaaS), including Google spreadsheets, Google Calendar, etc.